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Christmas Lights 2007
in Birchwood and Warrington

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Christmas lights and scenes within Birchwood and slightly further afield in Warrington Town Centre in 2007.

Birchwood Shopping Centre

All taken just as the Centre was closing about 4.30 pm on Sunday 23rd December 2007.


Chadwick House, Birchwood Park

Chadwick House is at the heart of the business and commercial centre of Birchwood.  Here are some photos from Christmas 2007.

Across the lake and the front entrance.


Warrington Town Centre

Taken in November 2007, on two evenings, just after the shops had shut.  Around Christmas time, there was a skating rink in the Old Market Square.  The third picture below was taken after the Christmas lights had been switched on, but before the rink was in place.


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