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Recently Added Galleries


Birchwood, Warrington More than a dozen themed gallery pages with a strong local history theme and a much expanded section on Risley Moss.
Several updates in 2011.
Moelfre, Anglesey Now expanded to 7 galleries of the village and surrounding area on Anglesey's east coast.  Moelfre is an old fishing village famous for its historic lifeboats.  There are also galleries of Moelfre's Lifeboat Days in 2006-2012 and new galleries of Lligwy, Dulas and Bodafon from spring 2012.  Latest addition is Lifeboat Day 2012.
Updated Mar 2013.
Woodside Ferry, Birkenhead Five gallery pages that feature the replacement of the historic facilities with a new terminal and landing stage in the 1980s.  Several photos were featured in an exhibition within the old booking hall in 2006-07.  Photos updated December 2006 and pages updated April 2008.
Aerial Views of Wirral taken in 1995, first published in 2004, edited & updated February 2006
Four Continents
Images from overseas trips I have taken when travelling with work.  Includes West Virginia in USA, Wroclaw in Poland, Thailand and West Africa.  Updated May 2010 with images from USA.
New Gallery, May 2010: West Virginia, USA


Other Galleries

My Photos on Panoramio

Panoramio is Google's site for users to upload and share photos from around the world.  This page has a higher resolution slideshow of my images on Panoramio.
New:  Added Sep 2011.

Warrington Wolves Homecoming 2012

After a year away, Warrington Wolves returned to Wembley in 2012 and were victorious for the third time in 4 years.  Here's a selection of photos that I took during the homecoming tour in Warrington.
New:  Added Aug 2012.

Warrington Wolves Homecoming 2010

Warrington Wolves defended the challenge cup with a stunning display in the Wembley final on 28th August 2010.  This gallery captures the atmosphere of the celebrations from their homecoming tour through Warrington Town Centre the following day, and now has a video slideshow.

Warrington Wolves Homecoming 2009

Warrington Wolves brought home the Rugby League Challenge Cup in a thrilling Wembley final on 29th August 2009.  This gallery shows scenes from their homecoming tour through Warrington Town Centre the following day.

Autumn Colours Images of the spectacular changing colours of autumn captured during an afternoon walk in the gardens of Tatton Park, October 2008.
Balloons Views of the Llangollen Hot Air Balloon Festival in August 2008, including preparation, balloons in flight, the night glow and other entertainment.
Red Arrows Pictures during one of their spectacular displays, at Hoylake Lifeboat Day, August 2008
New gallery of the Halton Fireworks Display in November 2011 in addition to the original page of fireworks taken at Chester Racecourse in 2007.  I also have a video slideshow of my photos from 2011 set to music.
New gallery, Nov 2011.


Birds and Other Animals

Animals A series of galleries across several pages, including an updated and expanded page of photos from Chester Zoo, small animals, butterflies, and dragonflies and damselflies.
Chester Zoo page updated Sep 2011,
Dragonflies page updated Oct 2011.
Birds Six pages of photos of a variety of birds.  Updated December 2008 with photos of great tits and coal tits, plus a chough, linnets, oystercatchers, turnstone and stonechat.


Other Pages and Images

Images that I created to celebrate Easter 2009.
Easter Easter


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