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Birchwood, Warrington
Photo Galleries and Local History
Currently, I am publishing most of my recent photos on my Facebook page.
I am intending to redesign this website soon.

Welcome to my Birchwood Photo Galleries, several of which also have local history information.

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Latest Additions

  • Christmas 2011 - A selection of photos from The Birchwood Christmas Extravaganza, the Brainwave Santa Dash amd the Shopping Centre Christmas Tree
  • Mossland Walk, March 2011 - A small gallery from an organised walk on the mossland of Risley Moss in March 2011.  This was the first time I'd ever seen an adder.  More photos added from another walk a few days earlier.
  • Birchwood History Article, 2011 - I originally drafted this article in 2010 on request for a local organisation.  This is a revision of the article produced in 2011,  Brian Tuohey, 2011 and 2010.
  • The Brainwave Santa Dash, Dec 2010 - A brand new event, the Santa Dash 5K Fun Run was in support of Brainwave, the national charity which opened its 3rd centre in Birchwood in 2009.
  • Birchwood Extravaganza, Nov 2010 - Birchwood's Christmas celebration on 19th November with Lucie Evans and X Factor finalists Diva Fever.
  • Changing Birchwood, Jun 2010 - including Birchwood's newest pub, The Peacock, which opened in May and photos of all 5 pubs within Birchwood during the World Cup.
  • Snowy Scenes, Jan 2010 - images of Birchwood transformed into a winter wonderland following the snowfall of 5th January 2010.



My BTPhoto Website:
Launched in May 2010 and focusing on photography, there are several new photos of Birchwood.  I will be adding more photos in due course: (opens in new window).

See my Panoramio photostream with more images of Birchwood: (opens in a new window).  To see my local images, click on the "Birchwood" tag.

ROF Filling Factories - The National Picture:
Throughout February 2010, I was working on some new pages that set the former Risley Royal Ordnance Factory into a national context, amongst the others that made up the 16 Filling Factories across the country.  You can see the result here:  ROFs Nationally


Encounter The sculpture that forms the gateway to Birchwood.  With photos from daytime, sunsets and floodlighting.  Latest photos are of sunsets in 2011.
UPDATED - September 2011
Hill Views
Views to the north, the east and the south, including Manchester, Rivington Pike, and Bosley Cloud, all taken from the highest point in Birchwood, plus pictures and history of the hill itself.  Night-time photos added Jan 2008.
Sunrise The results of an early walk on a frosty and misty October morning in 2007 - sunrise from Pestfurlong Hill.
Risley Moss A new section with local history and several gallery pages of Risley Moss, a designated Local Nature Reserve and SSSI in Birchwood.  Also includes a video of Risley Moss Winter Walks in Feb 2009 and a new gallery in March 2011 from a springtime mossland walk.
UPDATED - March 2011
Risley ROF Expanded from the original Remnants page, with a new series of pages showing how Risley fitted into the national scene, one of 16 filling factories. The location of each of the factory sites is described and I have added Google satellite imagery to show how most of the sites look today.
NEW - Expanded Section - Feb 2010
Walled Garden Two pages, one with photos, videos, history and plans for the regeneration of the Walled Garden, and the other with aerial imagery from the 1970s, 80s and 90s.
UPDATED - Oct 2011
Modern photos of the bunkers that remain with clues to their past and a description of where some of the 16 bunkers that were demolished would have been in today's landscape.  Vastly expanded from the section that was previously on the ROF page.
Business Parks An historical perspective of Birchwood Park, the Science Park, the Connections sculpture and surrounding areas in words and pictures.
Birchwood's New Hotel Birchwood's first hotel opens for business on 19th January 2009.  This page records the progress as the hotel building took shape.  Photos are still being added, so this page is being actively updated.  Latest update has photos taken on 18th January 2009.
A virtual tour along Warrington Road, once the main road through the village of Risley, with a flavour of how it has changed over the years.
Autumn Images Changing colours of autumn - a video slideshow from October 2009 and November walks in 2006 between Oakwood Gate and Birchwood Forest Park.
Winter Completely reorganised with several galleries from different years, this section is currently being populated with new images from the Jan 2010 snowfall.
NEW and UPDATED - Jan 2010
Christmas Photos and videos of Christmas lights and events in Birchwood since 2007.  Includes coverage of The 2011 Brainwave Santa Dash, X Factor finalists Sophie Habibis in 2011, Diva Fever in 2010 and Rachel Adedeji in 2009 at the Birchwood Christmas Extravaganza and Birchwood's Community Carols event.  Also includes some footage of Warrington Town Centre.
UPDATED - Dec 2011
Carnival A small gallery of photographs from Birchwood Carnival events since 2007.  At the 2009 event, I was involved for the first time, with material in the local history display within the marquee.
Wildflowers Summer 2009 saw a blaze of colour across Birchwood as the newly sown wildflower meadows sprang up with a colourful display.  This gallery records some of the colour on display locally during June and July.

Other Pictures

Dragonflies in Risley Moss This link takes you to another section of my site, to a gallery of dragonflies, many of which were photographed in Risley Moss. Dragonflies, mainly in Risley Moss
Risley Moss The Visitor Centre at Risley Moss pictured at dusk after an evening walk in May 2008. Risley Moss Visitor Centre - opens in new window
Birchwood Forest Park Afternoon sun illuminating the autumn colours along the path between the Park and the Fire Station, pictured early November 2007. Click on the picture to open the larger version in a new window or tab
Remembrance Sunday 2009 Photos of the two memorials in Birchwood pictured on Remembrance Sunday, the modern memorial next to the main entrance of Birchwood Shopping Centre and the older memorial in the grounds of the former Risley Presbyterian Church.

The Risley image was published in the Winter 2009 edition of Birchwood Community News.

I also took photos of the memorials on Remembrance Sunday 2010.  One of my photos of the Birchwood memorial is currently (late Nov 2010) being used as one of the front page images on
Risley Village Memorial, 8th Nov 2009
Birchwood Memorial, 8th Nov 2009

Permission has been given for non-commercial use of my photos by the following Community Organisations:

The Birchwood Partnership including their community website -
Birchwood Town Council including their website -
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Warrington East Area Plan (Warrington Borough Council)

Some of my photos are also published on the website of Birchwood Community Church

I have also taken photos specifically for the Birchwood Partnership and have made photos available to other local organisations.  If you are interested in using any images on this site, please get in touch.

Images on this site are copyrighted and should not be used or re-published without permission.  More details here.  I normally agree to free use of my photos by non-commercial organisations.  If commercial organisations wish to make use of my work, I will be pleased to discuss your requirements, both in terms of stock photos and specific assignments.  The photos published on these pages are a small selection of my work.  I also welcome ideas and suggestions for other themed galleries of Birchwood.

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