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Risley Moss
Spring Walk, March 2011

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In March 2011 I had the unique privilege of walking on the mossland on two occasions.  The first part of the gallery below is a small selection of the photos I took during an organised walk on 20th March. As well as showing the mossland in early spring before most of the new year's growth had established, it was particularly special for me because it was the first time I had seen adders.

I've been on several walks on the mossland over the years and adders are always mentioned but I had never seen one.  On this walk we saw two and I managed to photograph both of them.  In addition we saw a yellowhammer, a bird that has only recently begun to establish itself locally.  The yellowhammer images aren't the best quality, but they show the lone bird that was perched on top of a tree near the edge of the woodland.  We also saw slow worms, so it was a great walk for spotting wildlife.

I gave my details to a number of other people on the walk so if you are visiting this page after being on the walk, then I would particularly like to welcome you and I hope you enjoy browsing these pages.  I am not a professional photographer, but someone with a long term interest in photography and the local area, and interested in trying to establish a small part time freelance photography business or in working with established professionals.

These photos can also be seen on the Brian Tuohey Photography page on Facebook.

Just a few days earlier I had another opportunity to visit the mossland, this time for a completely different purpose.  I had arranged to visit the remains of the former Risley Peat Works to attempt to record what was left and to try to place the remnants based on old maps and plans.  The photos below were all taken on that visit, on what was a much sunnier day.  I am planning to use some of the photographs I took of the remnants themselves as part of my contribution to the local history display at this year's Birchwood Carnival.

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