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All photographs on these pages are the property of the photographer Brian Tuohey unless otherwise indicated.

They may not be re-published in any form without written permission, but may be downloaded for personal use.

Requests for commercial or charitable use of these or any other photographs will be considered.

Please do not link directly to pictures, but links to the main gallery pages are welcome.

Images of Winter
Snowy Scenes in Birchwood

Images of Birchwood under anything from a light dusting to a think blanket of snow, taken over recent years.



2010 By far the biggest of my snow galleries, with 50 images recording the scene after the big snowfall of early January 2010, taken from locations around Birchwood's normally green spaces, as the wintry whiteout took hold.
2009 Located within the Risley Moss pages, this is a small gallery of the snowfall from February 2009.
2008 A light dusting of snow rather late, in the middle of spring, April 2008.


2006 Again rather late in the season, this short-lived snowfall was in March 2006.
2000 Falling in late December 2000, a white Christmas as missed by only 2-3 days.  This was the heaviest snowfall for several years.



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