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All photographs on these pages are the property of Brian Tuohey unless otherwise stated.

They may not be re-published in any form without written permission, but may be downloaded for personal use.

Requests for commercial or charitable use of these or any other photographs will be considered.

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About me

Photo Galleries

In these pages is a small selection of photographs that I have taken over the years of a variety of animals, at home and out and about.

Some pages in this section are a little older.  If you click on one of the images on these pages, a larger version will open in a new browser window.  I am gradually changing this so that the images are all displayed within their own image page.  The Chester Zoo and Dragonflies galleries have already been updated.

The Gallery Pages

Chester Zoo Various animals at Chester Zoo, taken on different visits over the last few years.  A much expanded gallery.
Updated:  Sep 2011
Small Animals Red squirrel
Grey squirrel
Dragonflies A gallery of dragonflies and damselflies.  Updated and expanded with new photos from 2009, 2010 and 2011 now available.  Most were photographed in Risley Moss, and a few in Anglesey.
Updated:  Oct 2011
Butterflies From Pili Palas in Anglesey.
Birds A separate gallery section dedicated entirely to birds.  I find that birds are the easiest animals to photograph, particularly from the kitchen window.  Some are photographed at home, others out and about.


Updated 03/10/11