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About me

Moelfre, Anglesey
Photo Galleries

Welcome to my Moelfre photo gallery pages.  I have more photos of Moelfre and elsewhere in Anglesey on my Facebook and Panoramio pages:
Currently, I am publishing most of my recent photos on my Facebook page. 
I am intending to redesign this website soon.

The Gallery Pages

New Images A selection of pictures taken in 2011 that haven't yet been added to any of the pages below.  Some of the pages have since been updated to include images from 2012. New photos
Gallery 1 Pictures from around Moelfre village and beach, including the old lifeboat station and the Dick Evans memorial sculpture. Gallery 1
Gallery 2 Pictures further into the village, including the Lifeboat Station, Swnt and the headland. Gallery 2
Gallery 3 Llanallgo and Bodafon.  A few images of St Gallgo's Church and a new gallery of views from Mynydd Bodafon, taken in spring 2012.
Gallery 3
Gallery 4 Nant Bychan and Traeth Bychan.  Walking along the Anglesey coastal path south of the village, with views back into Moelfre. Gallery 4
Gallery 5 Summer Sunrise.  An early start to watch the sun rise across the bay and from along the Coastal Path by the Lifeboat Station. Gallery 5
Gallery 6 Lligwy and Traeth yr Ora.  A virtual tour along the Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path between Lligwy Beach and Traeth yr Ora.  New photos taken in spring 2012.
Gallery 6
Gallery 7 Dulas.  A walk on the north side of Dulas Bay and photos of Ynys Dulas, all taken in spring 2012.
Gallery 7
Lifeboat Day 2012 Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2012.  18th August 2012.  The final Moelfre Lifeboat Day for Moelfre's Tyne Class boat RNLB Robert and Violet.  Moelfre's replacement boat the Tamar Class RNLB Kiwi arrived on 4th March 2013.
NEW: March 2013
The gallery was added here in March 2013.  The same photos were added to my Facebook page in August 2012.
Photos of more recent Moelfre Lifeboat Days are also on my Facebook page.

Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2012

Lifeboat Day 2011 Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2011.  20th August 2011.  The crowds turned up in good numbers again and enjoyed another entertaining display, although the weather wasn't as kind this year.
January 2012:  Congratulations to the organisers of Moelfre Lifeboat Day, well deserved winners of the 'Best Event of the Year' in the Anglesey Tourism Awards 2012 for the 2011 event.

Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2011

Lifeboat Day 2010 Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2010.  14th August 2010.  A day that tuned out to be a busy one for the lifeboat crew.  A gallery of 50 photos taken throughout the day.

Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2010

Lifeboat Day 2009 Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2009.  22nd August 2009.  A fine sunny day helped bring out the crowds who enjoyed the day.

Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2009

Lifeboat Day 2008 Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2008.  2nd August 2008.  This year, the event included air-sea rescue demonstrations with the support of the RAF.  A short video of the launch and rescue display is also available.

Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2008

Lifeboat Day 2007 Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2007.  A big contrast with the first rainy Lifeboat Day for several years, but still well attended.  18th August 2007. Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2007
Lifeboat Day 2006 Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2006.  A photo gallery of the popular annual event, on 12th August 2006. Moelfre Lifeboat Day 2006
Links Links to other websites providing information about Moelfre.  The links were checked in April 2012 and any that were broken were removed.  One new link was added.
UPDATED: April 2012

The pictures published on these pages are almost all digital images, although there are also a few old scans from prints, generally taken in or before 2002.  These will gradually be replaced unless of historical interest.  On newer pages, photos open in an image page.  On older pages, the photos open directly in a new window.  I am gradually replacing the old format.  Currently both formats are used in my Moelfre galleries.

Using my Images
If you wish to use any of my images, please get in touch.  All images are copyrighted but I am happy for them to be used with permission.  Non-commercial use will usually be free, especially in support of charities.  If you are interested in using images commercially I will aim to offer very reasonable prices for prints or digital images.  Several images in this section have already been used by different businesses, organisations and individuals.  Most of the images on these pages have been cropped and resized and are significantly smaller than the originals.

My Interest in Moelfre
My link with Moelfre goes back many years.  With other relatives in the Dulas area, my grandparents moved to the village in the early 1960s.  As they settled into their new life in Moelfre my grandfather was able to enjoy his retirement and my grandmother had several jobs including helping out at the old general store at the start of the road to Lligwy.  The store has long since disappeared.  They died in the 1970s and are buried at Llanallgo Parish Church.  My first Christmas was spent at Dulas and as a child in the 1960s and 1970s I can remember my family going to stay with my grandparents regularly at different times of the year.  Most of my early memories of holidays and of my grandparents are of time spent in Moelfre.


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